Calspan Homepage Video Effect

HR LinkedIn Posts – Company Culture

Certificate of Attendance Design

Crash Lab Promotional Video

Promotional Materials – Graphic Design

Barrier Promotional Video

Celebrating Women’s History Month Graphics

HR Career Fair Promotional Posts

HR LinkedIn Job Post Graphics

2023 SciTech Tradeshow Video

Quarterly Update Videos from CEO

2023 SAE Trade Show Video

Export Compliance Training Video

Calspan Holiday Videos from CEO

Air Services Rewards Program Graphic

Calspan Gym Flyers and Signs

Calspan ASE Lobby Banners

Calspan Social Media Program

Animal Crossing: Casual City – Video Essay

Video for Memorial Celebration

HWS Tennis Social Posts 2022 Season

HWS Tennis – 2022 Day of Donors Plea Video

My Personal Branding Video

Pictures taken of CTS Integration Lab

Updated SETP Trade Show Video

AV Tech Trade Show Promotional Video

Intro – Security Awareness Training

Calspanbuilds.com – Webpage Development

Be Calspan – Our Company Culture

Calspan’s New Book – Social Media Post

Transonic Wind Tunnel Promotional Video

Morphing Text Logo Opener – Be Calspan

Flight Operations Promotional Video

Book Photography – New Calspan Book Listing

Darpa Ace Event Brochure Icons

A Ballerina, Shoemaker, and Apprentice

Han Dynasty – A Short Documentary

Built By Life – A Short Documentary

American Nomad – A Short Documentary

Phello Animated Networking Tip

LinkedIn Weekly Question Graphics

Phello Holiday Logo Designs

Day of Donors Plea Video 2021

Instagram Posts – Graphics

Instagram Story – Wellness Graphics

2021 Hobart Tennis Trailer

Stack or Be Sacked – A Game Show

Stop the Spread – A Short Documentary

The Office of DEI – A Short Documentary

John Lewis: “Good Trouble” Promotion Video

It’s Crunch Time – An Animation

Exploring different Animation techniques

Day of Donors Plea Video 2020

The ‘New” Disney – Aladdin Video Essay

Tennis – The Game of Lines

Point of View – What is Clean?

Seeing in Motion – Exploring Lines

Nostalgia – A Country Music Video

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